At Hogwarts again



Every time I start listening to Harry Potter (because it is much more comfortable for me to listen to it then read it) I get almost lost in it. I start by listening a little the first evening. Then I continue by listening at lunch and every break I get. By the third day I listen to it all the time, while absently going around the house and trying to function as usual. Needless to say it makes Paul angry but I guess he got used to it by now. It takes a long time to listen to all the Harry Potter books and I can’t even remember how many times I’ve been through this ‘procedure’. It invariably leaves me with a feeling of emptiness when I get to the end of the story once again… And still one can only wish for more books able to exert such a feeling. 

Right now I am at the 6th book, Swedish version. Feeling immersed.

Pictured: a wizard hat spotted in 2007 in one of the castles of Sintra, Portugal.



4 thoughts on “At Hogwarts again

  1. I am totally the same way. I love listening to HP in the car when i drive because time just flies by. 🙂


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